Intermediate Accounting 14th edition by Donald E. Kieso
Intermediate Accounting 14th edition - Kieso

The bestselling book on intermediate accounting, Donald E. Kieso is an excellent reference for practicing accountants and an invaluable resource for anyone entering the field. They’ll learn how to leverage everyday accounting programs like Excel, GLS, and other computerized accounting software giving them a strong background in the tools needed in the accounting profession. Intermediate Accounting 14th Edition is the market leader in providing the tools needed to understand what GAAP is and how it is applied in practice. Through many editions, this textbook has continued to reflect the constant changes taking place in the GAAP environment. This edition continues this tradition, which has become even more significant as the financial reporting environment is exploding with major change. There are three areas of major importance that are now incorporated extensively into the text: New way of looking at GAAP, Convergence of U.S. GAAP and IFRS, and Fair Value Movement. The core of Kieso’s value statement continues to be authoritativeness and preparation for the profession (CPA exam).

Relevant Facts about International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

  • International standards are referred to as International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), developed by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB).
  • U.S. standards, referred to as generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), are developed by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB).
  • The internal control standards applicable to Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) apply only to large public companies listed on U.S. exchanges.
  • This textbook mentioned a number of ethics violations, such as WorldCom, AIG, and Lehman Brothers.
  • IFRS tends to be simpler in its accounting and disclosure requirements; some people say more “principles-based.” GAAP is more detailed; some people say more “rules-based.”
  • The SEC allows foreign companies that trade shares in U.S. markets to file their IFRS financial statements with reconciliation to GAAP.

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About the Author

Donald E. Kieso, Ph.D., C.P.A., received his bachelor’s degree from Aurora University and his doctorate in accounting from the University of Illinois. He has served as chairman of the Department of Accountancy and is currently the KPMG Peat Marwick Emeritus Professor of Accounting at Northern Illinois University. He has public accounting experience with Price Waterhouse & Co. (San Francisco and Chicago) and Arthur Andersen & Co. (Chicago) and research experience with the Research Division of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (New York). Read More >>

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

It only takes few weeks after its official launch in the market, for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 Samsung 10-inch tablet to be one of the the most popular and best-selling devices of tablets. In a crowded market segment, Samsung has created a work fast, reliable but also affordable equipment.

Discover the next generation of portable entertainment with the thin, light, and powerful Samsung WiFi Galaxy Tab 10.1-Inch. Showcasing a 10.1-inch widescreen HD display and a dual-core processor for stunning detail and speed, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 delivers sharper movies, better game graphics, and crystal-clear video chats. Surf the web in its full glory with Adobe Flash compatibility and WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. The Android Honeycomb OS provides open access to over 200,000 Android Market apps, giving you the freedom to customize your Tab however you please. At 1.25 pounds, this sleek, 0.34-inch-thick tablet is designed for premium mobile computing around the house and on the go.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet Technical Details

  • Android Honeycomb 3.1
  • Dual Core Tegra 2 processor, 1GB RAM
  • Wi-FiTM, 802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4GHz, 5GHz
  • Memory Capacity: 32GB / 16GB
  • Display: 10.1″ WXGA (1280×800)

How much is a Samsung Galaxy Tab (10.1-Inch, Wi-Fi)?

The price of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 differ based on memory capacity as shown below :

B00519RW1USamsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-Inch, 16GB (more details >>)
B00519RWI8Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-Inch, 32GB (more details >>)

Customer Reviews:

I got this Galaxy Tab 10.1 32gb about one week ago. Being an iPhone user for the last 4 years, it wasn’t easy to understand the Android interface. Actually, in the first day of use I thought that I should have chosen the iPad. I was wrong. After some days of learning curve I now believe this tablet and the Honeycomb OS are just the most advanced mobile system there is.

The iPad is more like a big iPhone. Besides the larger screen real state, the iPad doesn’t provide much. The Android OS, on the other hand, makes it possible for the user to configure the tablet in a similar way to a full-size computer. For instance, you can change the virtual keyboard, add widgets, install all kinds of software – shortly, you can have full control of the hardware you own.

Concerning the debate about half-baked software, I must say that Honeycomb 3.1 is way more polished than I expected. It runs fast and it never crashes. I feel that it’s even more stable than my iPhone 4 running iOS 4.3.2.

Look no further, this is THE tablet to have. (R Andrade)

My wife has an Ipad2 and I have used it enough to draw a few comparisons between the two devices. SCREEN I have always thought that Apple had great screens but the Galaxy screen makes the Ipad screen look mediocre. It is beyond words good. OPERATING SYSTEM Being a long time windows user I prefer the android operating system which is more tweakable.If you are a Windows novice get an Ipad. BATTERY Ipad has the edge but screen is not as bright. Turn down tab brightness and there equal. SIZE Galaxy edge here too. Just like the rounded edges. SPEAKERS No contest. Galaxy has stereo and are louder. APPS Plenty for my needs. BROWSER Using Dolphin and it is very nice. (S. Paradise.)

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toshiba thrive android honeycomb
Toshiba Thrive 10.1

Introducing the Toshiba Tablet Thrive, powered by Android Honeycomb (Android 3.1), which offers a better way to surf the Internet, enjoy eBooks and HD video, play music and more. Complete, convenient and customizable, is a tablet can and should be, with a superb 10.1-inch diagonal high-resolution multi-touch screen wide screen, functions and performance can be customized quickly so you can multitask your way through your digital life (and favorite entertainment) with ease.

This tablet gives you all the Android platform. It is based on the optimized tablet Android 3.1 (also known as honeycomb), designed from scratch to improve your experience with devices like this. tablet is powered by the world’s first mobile super-chip NVIDIA Tegra 2. Enjoy extreme multi-tasking with the first mobile dual-core, plus hardware acceleration for Adobe Flash and games console-quality graphics powered by NVIDIA GeForce – so you can enjoy your favorite games, the excitement of video HD and more.

Toshiba Thrive allows you to enjoy and organize your favorite music and videos in a convenient and portable. Rock out on the go with stereo speakers with sound enhancements built into the Toshiba or headphone jack – or plug-in to our convenient Toshiba Multi-Dock (sold separately) to connect your own sound system. Use the base of an HDMI port to watch your videos on any screen high-definition compatible. And thanks to our pre-loaded Toshiba Media Player, keeping your collection organized is easier than ever.

B0052P6DQIToshiba Thrive 10.1-Inch 16 GB Android Tablet AT105-T1016 *****

Technical Details

  • 10.1-inch multi-touch screen widescreen display with adaptive technology, supporting 720p display
  • NVIDIA Tegra 2 Dual-Core Mobile, Android 3.1, OS
  • 5.0 MP camera with autofocus and rear 2.0MP web camera from the front stereo speakers with sound improvements Toshiba
  • 16 GB / 32 GB / 8GB of internal memory, USB, mini USB and HDMI ports and full size SD card reader, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support Flash
  • Easy Grip interchangeable slip rubber plate, available in a variety of colors, user-replaceable lithium prismatic

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Denso 471-0293 Remanufactured Compressor with Clutch For Select Mercedes Models
Denso 471-0293 Compressor - Mercedes Models

Rating of Denso 471-0293 Remanufactured Compressor with Clutch For Select Mercedes Models
List Price: $900.08
Price: $373.70
You Save: $526.38 (58%)
Denso 471-0293 Remanufactured Compressor with Clutch For Select Mercedes Models


Product Description

Superior Air Conditioning Components: DENSO is the world’s largest supplier of A/C compressors, clutches and components. Denso’s units are specified by most major vehicle manufacturers. DENSO A/C components are built to meet the stringent requirements of carmakers throughout the world for high output, extended reliability and reduced noise, vibration and harshness. The DENSO First Time Fit aftermarket line of compressors, clutches, receiver/driers and expansion valves is the result of over 30 years of engineering know-how. These products bring together everything DENSO knows as an air conditioning systems manufacturer to bring you the highest quality line of remanufactured and factory new A/C compressors available.New or Remanufactured, The Same High Standard When it comes to remanufactured product, you can’t do better than going with a unit remanufactured by the OE supplier. DENSO knows these units better than anyone – because they originally built them. Each unit goes through a rigorous remanufacturing process to meet DENSO’s strict standards for quality. If the part does not meet their stringent specifications, it is replaced with factory-new components or the part is scrapped out.In addition to their quality remanufactured units, some applications are covered by new DENSO compressors. As always, these units are built right the first time, so they last longer and perform better.

Customer Reviews

By Craig Weems (Houston, TX USA) – As good as new

It came in a Denso box and looked good as new. An exact replacement for the original compressor installed in my MB ML320. Was charged with freon and works fine. Don’t waste your money for similarly priced Asian copies from no name manufacturers when you can get a Denso remanufactured in the US. I don’t know about Denso but Sanden (another Japanese compressor manufacturer) rebuilds their compressors to the same specifications as new. They also use the same testing equipment to confirm performance. I was a vendor to the Sanden plant in Dallas and saw them in action. I would expect the same out of Denso as their real customers (car companies) have them rebuild compressors but charge a lot more for them.

Denso 471-0293 Remanufactured Compressor with Clutch For Select Mercedes Models



Read Mercedes – Benz in Indonesia language >> Mercedes-Benz Mobil Mewah Terbaik Indonesia

Mercedes-Benz Mobil Mewah Terbaik Indonesia

Mercedes-Benz Mobil Mewah Terbaik Indonesia
Mercedes-Benz Mobil Mewah Terbaik Indonesia ( SLS AMG )

Mercedes-Benz telah dikenal di seluruh dunia sebagai simbol kemewahan dan mobil yang berkelas karena kualitas dan daya tahannya. Perusahaan manufaktur otomotif ternama dari Jerman ini telah hadir sejak tahun 1926 untuk menyuguhkan mobil mewah berkualitas yang tidak hanya fokus pada unsur kemewahan saja tetapi juga dalam inovasi teknologi, keselamatan dan kenyamanan berkendara.

Mercedes-Benz Mobil Mewah Terbaik Indonesia

Untuk pasar mobil mewah di Indonesia, Mercedes-Benz mampu membuktikan diri sebagai produsen Mobil Mewah Terbaik Indonesia. Dari total 5.327 unit mobil mewah yang mampu diserap pasar pada tahun 2011, 3.589 unit diantaranya merupakan mobil mewah keluaran Mercedes-Benz. Jadi Mercedes-Benz mampu menguasai 67,4% dari total unit yang mampu diserap pasar Indonesia, jauh mengunguli kelima pesaingnya.

Mercedes-Benz Mobil Mewah Terbaik Indonesia - e-class
Mercedes-Benz E - class

Yang menjadi andil dalam kesuksesan penjualan mobil mewah Mercedes-Benz ini adalah Mercedes-Benz E-Class yang unggul dalam inovasi desain dan teknologi.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Huruf “E” pada E-Class, berasal dari singkatan Einspritzmotor (bahasa Jerman) yang berarti fuel injection engine. Mobil yang menjadi tulang punggung penjualan Mercedes-Benz ini terdiri dari 3 model, yaitu E – Class Saloon, E – Class Coupe dan E – Class Cabriolet.

Berikut ini adalah gambar dari ketiga model Mercedes-Benz E – Class:

Mercedes-Benz E Class - Saloon
E - Class Saloon

Mercedes-Benz E Class - Coupe
E - Class Coupe

Mercedes-Benz E Class - Cabriolet
E - Class Cabriolet

Untuk keterangan lebih lengkap mengenai mobil – mobil mewah ini,  bisa dibaca di

Daftar harga Mobil Mewah Terbaik Indonesia dari Mercedes-Benz ini, bisa didownload di sini (format file: JPG).

Layanan Purna Jual

Untuk meningkatkan kenyamanan anda dalam berkendara, setiap pembelian Mercedes-Benz  sudah dilengkapi dengan ISP (Integrated Service Package) yang merupakan layanan standar Mercedes-Benz. Artinya setiap pemilik mobil mewah Mercedes-Benz, akan mendapatkan servis, perawatan dan perbaikan gratis selama 3 tahun pertama sejak tanggal didaftarkan.

Semua mobil baru dari Mercedes-Benz dilengkapi dengan Kartu Servis yang digunakan untuk merekam dan mengupdate data kendaraan.

Demikian ulasan singkat mengenai Mercedes-Benz Mobil Mewah Terbaik Indonesia.


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